From PencilRoom to PencilMobileRoom

“We form our tool, and then our tool forms us.”      M. McLuhan

From PencilRoom…
As the PencilRoom, the center of the installation of Hanover’s artist Kerstin Schulz, grows steadily since twelve years, communication chaged fundamentally: Mobiles and Smartphones captured the markets. Besinde the pencil, more and more people use also smartphones to live out creativity. This process shall be reflected through the envelope of the PencilRoom.
…to PencilMobileRoom
The Hanover contribution for this international exhibition projekt “PENvolution” is the so-called PencilMobileRoom, which is supported by the Faber-Castell company. This includes many years work of the artist Kerstin Schulz, als well as experiences with crowd art projects like “Kirche im Schlussverkauf” (2011) and “Strich-Code” (2012).
The PencilMobileRoom, having the PencilRoom in its center and the picturized virtual network as envelope, represents the time before and after digitalization. It presents the area of conflict people are exposed to over the last two decades. It invides us to dive into a generated reality.
“We form our tool, and then our tool forms us.” This is a thesis of Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980, an important pioneer and prophet of the internet culture.Through the PencilMobleRoom we can check this thesis on ourselves.


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